Created in various stages, starting from the plastered wooden structure, followed by the application of acrylic colour, they give a technical vision of a dialogue between ancient and contemporary.
Corporeal, non-verbal, primitive communication.
The body has a far older existence than the mind, it communicates with instinct, devoid of thoughts, concepts, stereotypes.
The human figure is frontier-free communicative reality, in ancient times it was often used to refer to events, battles, prophetic events, with the intention of communicating with people of all social classes and geographic origin.
The message may be subjective, instinctive, corporeal, sensorial, but it contains a precise primitive metaphoric interpretation.
This, used by mankind as a propitiatory rite, is deeply rooted in human existence.
The female body epitomises fertility and nutrition, it generates life, “MOTHER EARTH”.
The partial portrayal of the face dissociates the mind from the body, creating a mystery as to the subject’s identity, mystery that has accompanied the history of the earth and her peoples since the dawn of time, and which science has only partly revealed.
The attention on part of the body creates a vision of greater internal space of the work, the water perimeter serves as an opening from the work’s inner world to the external world of the observer, The dance of these bodies, made up of gestures and actions, can evoke ancient tribal dances, expressions of heroic acts and mystic messages.

Fabrizio Pesci

© Fabrizio Pesci - credits